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Uber-chic: That's what your hair will look like this summer
A short summer dress, platform shoes, a favorite pair of sunglasses, some water in your handbag and voila, you are ready for a day out in the sun! But the fancy does not usually quite sustain itself. Heat, dust & sweat decide to play bad cop all through the summer & a hindrance to our style routine.So, before... Read more
Panasonic Arbo powered intelligent smartphones Eluga Ray Max and...
New Delhi: In its effort to stay committed towards simplifying technology, Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd, a leader in innovation, forayed into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with its in-house developed virtual assistance ‘Arbo’ in its two new smartphones - Eluga Ray Max and Eluga Ray X. Arbo, the... Read more
Panasonic India Strengthens its Appliances Portfolio: Establishes a...
Panasonic India today announced a Research & Development (R&D) establishment to further strengthen their appliances business. Mr. Tetsuro Homma,President of Appliances Company & Senior Managing Director, Panasonic Corporation, Mr. Manish Sharma, President and CEO Panasonic India and South Asia, Vice... Read more
Success - A Result Of Relationships
As also published on LinkedIn“I am the sum total of everyone I’ve ever met,” said Sylvester Stallone in his speech after winning the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in 2016. It’s an adage often heard or read in variation. We meet a variety of people through the journey of life and learn something from each one... Read more
#ArboIsHere – Envisioning the future of Smartphones
Who is Arbo? The suspense finally ended when Panasonic launched its first line-up of Eluga Ray Max and Eluga Ray X series with virtual assistance, Arbo. It is an artificial Intelligence platform inculcated into the Raymax series of smartphones that learns how a user behaves with the phone and suggests actions. The... Read more

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